Welcome to the website of the test system


Here, you will find a compilation of various scientifically verified tests and methods, which you may conduct online – individually or as a comprehensive package. Each test provides insight into a specific aspect of your personality and manner of interacting with your environment.


You may personalize the test system by first selecting personally relevant reference groups (an individual, family, group/team, department, subsidiary, company or even an entire society/nation).  The system uses these specifications to compile customized questions. Your answers can generate further adaptations in subsequent tests.  The various tests have been designed not only to enhance each other, but also to interact with one another. You will receive a personal psychological appraisal that includes specific results as well as recommendations for applying the findings to yourself and to your pre-selected personally relevant environment (an individual, family, group/team, department, subsidiary, company and/or society/nation).

The VV-I‐SE test system offers an integrated perspective on the self, providing a view that embraces the many facets of your personality far better than single-perspective models.


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