Learn more about yourself and the way you interact with your environment by our test system VVI‐SE™ by LUCOCO


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Peer Group

A few simple questions serve to define the situation (professional/private) and reference group (an individual, family, group/team, department, subsidiary, company and/or entire society/nation) to which you wish to apply the test.


Word Pairs

This test gives you insight into the values and basic convictions that influence your decision-making and where your conclusions might deviate from those of your dialog partners and reference persons.
This forms the basis for providing suggestions for improving your communication skills and behavioral patterns in key conflict and decision-making situations. The goal, of course, is to better achieve your desired results.


Sentence Intros

This test helps you to examine the complexity and flexibility level of your thoughts and emotions and indicates how adequately you are able to cope with difficult and ambiguous issues. This provides the basis for recommendations for your next development steps and for dealing with specific decision-making situations.


Cultural and Structural Selection

A selection of questions provides insight into the current position/state of your pre-defined counterpart (an individual, group, department or country). Combining the results of the word pair test also indicates where there are shared fundamental convictions. Something known as a “fit-value” shows the degree of consensus. In addition, differences, or lack of consensus, are also revealed. If a change is pending or desired by you, the test will reveal whether its realization is possible with your counterpart and what steps you should take to achieve it.


List of Adjectives

This test helps you assess your key characteristics (e.g. how open you are in general to new things and how diligent you are in pursuing your tasks). You will learn more about your deep-seated personality traits and how they might distinguish you from others. Basic attitudes and preferences will be revealed and you will learn more about your approach to life and how it might differ from that of others.



This test provides you with insight on your sources for inspiration and creativity when it comes to uncertain circumstances, chances and opportunities or your life planning and development. Frequently, these basic attitudes and approaches to the spaces of your personal reality and structuring indicate basic tendencies for long-term trends.
Furthermore, they also function as a source for your personal well-being and facilitate recommendations on your personal balances (life balance, burnout and stress prevention, emotional regulation and spiritual development).


Individual Competencies

This test provides an insight into your ability to deal with your emotions in a reasonable way and to interact with other people. It also examines your ability to find sense and correlations even in difficult situations and to develop and maintain a positive attitude towards life. In addition to assessing yourself, you can invite others to answer these questions for an external assessment of your personality. This might be partners, friends, parents, adult children, peers in a personal reference group or, in a professional context, superiors, colleagues, employees, customers or suppliers. This allows for an assessment of your entire environment (360° feedback). The people you designate will receive a limited access to this section only.


Problem Solving

With this test you will solve logical problems of various levels of difficulty. This multiple choice test offers a correct solution for each exercise. The test provides insight into your ability to master complex challenges under time pressure. It thus results in an impression of your analytical skills and “practical intelligence”.


Special Events

This section is meant to provide an assessment of the extent to which your performance level and your development are impaired by current, particularly stressful events, and to evaluate your ability to cope with experiences of this kind. Taking this test is especially advised if you recently experienced extraordinary stress or if you know that you will be facing a situation of this kind soon.


Free Questions

In this section you will be asked additional open questions, individually designed to meet your needs and your situation. Answering and evaluating these questions serves to gain a complete insight into a specific aspect of your personality and the way you interact with your environment.